With our experience, we understand how to ensure your vision turns into reality within the approved budget. Through a concise plan with detailed cost reporting, we will help you see exactly what you get when you partner with us.

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  • Key Benefits
  • ✔ Free initial consultation

  • ✔ Detailed construction costs and budget reports

  • ✔ Clear and concise documents

  • ✔ Contract administration and risk management

Feasibility Costing

SDQS will review the inception and concept drawings and provide a basic elemental price. The purpose of the elemental price is to provide an indication of the budget and anticipated development costs prior to any design development.

Cost Planning

SDQS will work with the design team to produce several estimates and a cost plan prior to tendering. The detailed costing will be presented with all the building elements broken down into individual sections. Throughout the design phases, SDQS will assist with value engineering to ensure the client brief is met within the agreed budget without compromising the Architect’s vision.

Bill of Quantities

Produced from the Architectural drawings, this detailed document is a full ‘take off’ and measure to itemize the scope of works. The bill of quantities can be sent out to your shortlisted contractors to provide a pricing platform, which is easy to analyse once the tenders have been returned.

Tender & Risk Analysis

SDQS will produce a Tender and Risk Analysis from the priced Bill Of Quantities returned by the contractors. The Tender and Risk Analysis will provide a recommendation based on specific criterias that will assist appoint the best contractor for the project.

Value Engineering

SDQS will assist you throughout the project with value engineering suggestions as well as savings options. The intention is to ensure the project is completed within the anticipated budget. Should there be additional costs due to design changes, SDQS will look at various methods to cut back the costs to bring them back to the desired level. However, SDQS respects the vision of the developer and the final decision of implementation will always be in the developer’s hands.

Contract Documents

This is a bespoke construction contract. The contract will include payment terms, project duration and specific project information.

Pre-Start Meeting

SDQS has a proactive culture and believe that the best time to plan is before ground is broken on site. This process is implemented to ensure any issues are ironed out prior to the commencement of the project and the relevant request for information are pointed out.

Valuations & Site Visits

SDQS specialises in valuations and contract administration. This particular service can also be used to monitor construction progress and ensure that payments are being done accordingly and in a fair manner without over/under compensation. We will also help you monitor and manage any variations on the project. 

Contractual Administration and Assistance

SDQS will assist you throughout the contract to ensure contractual compliance by the contractor as well as the correct contractual procedures are followed by the professional team. Traditionally, the architect is the Principal Agent and SDQS as contractual experts, aims to facilitate the contractual administration process.

Final Account

This is a review of the final balance of the project in order to sign-off works successfully completed including any release of retention monies/guarantees.

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SDQS is a multi-discipline construction consultancy that offers a versatile and comprehensive portfolio of Professional Quantity Surveying services to all sectors of the construction industry. Our services are provided in both the Traditional and Online platforms.

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