SDQS will assist you with generating detailed Bill of Quantities and price check your tenders. Furthermore, we’ll use your company rates, logo and brand. We have an incredibly fast turnaround, at the most competitive prices and provide you with fully editable Excel documents.

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  • Key Benefits
  • ✔ We use your company rates

  • ✔ We use your company logo and details

  • ✔ Fully editable documents

  • ✔ Fast turnaround available

  • ✔ Price check

Elemental Estimates

Not sure if you’re going to win the work? Want to give your client an
outline of what the project may cost?
SDQS can help you produce an elemental estimate which will provide your client an outline of the anticipated costs based on certain assumptions. This elemental estimate can be used as a budget.

Full Estimates

We can produce full detailed estimates that are broken down into each element and section of the build. The document will show enhanced descriptions of all the works, with quantities. We’ll send you a short questionnaire to give us an insight into your business and your rates and provide you with a labour, material and profit split that is based on the information provided.


This is a standard construction contract and we can adapt the specific terms to meet your project requirements.

Claims & Site Visits

SDQS are experts in valuation. Detailed claims will be done for your project to ensure consistent cashflow and monthly remuneration. SDQS will also help you monitor and manage any variations on the project 

Final Account

This is a review of the final balance of the project in order to sign-off works successfully completed including any release of retention monies.

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About Us

SDQS is a multi-discipline construction consultancy that offers a versatile and comprehensive portfolio of Professional Quantity Surveying services to all sectors of the construction industry. Our services are provided in both the Traditional and Online platforms.

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