Subcontractor Account Management

The Subcontractor Account Management service is currently provided to Building Contractors, end user Clients and Management Contractors alike.

Risk Management of subcontract accounts can be executed either as part of an ongoing project brief, or as an independent exercise to give cost certainty.

Contractual Management can be provided on an ongoing basis as part of a project brief and Defence of Claims can be undertaken should the need arise.

Pre-contract services

Solutions specific to Subcontractors

  • Quantity Take offs and production of bill of quantities
    • Quick measurements to support pricing of projects.
  • Contract and risk Analysis for Tendering
    • This includes a full deliverable in a professional format, including terms and conditions, risk reviews, everything to essentially protect you as well as putting you above the competition. 
  • Pricing & Tender Review
    • As an extension of the take off service or just as a peer review/sanity check before submission of the quote.  
    • Rate build up analysis 
    • P&Gs calculation
    • Ensuring the pricing covers the risk.

Post-contract services

  •  Ensure the financials are protected. This be covered by applying following processes : 
    • Payment and procurement strategies
    • Claims and account management including defence of claims 
    • Assistance in filling out contractual documentation 
    • Risk management and contractual assistance throughout the contract. This would entail  and not be limited to contractual notices and correspondence.
    • Various management for various contract types : JBCC, NEC, FIDIC. 
    • Assistance on getting paid on time 
    • Assistance in managing Variation orders 
    • Cost value reconciliations 
    • Cash flow projections and cash flow management if necessary. 
    • Assistance in value engineering 
    • Assistance for disputes with main contractors and principal agents. 

Solutions specific to Main contractors and End-user clients  

  • Interim Valuations and progress payments
  • Subcontractor tendering and appointment recommendations
  • Subcontractor payment recommendations
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Cost Reports and cost control
  • Variation orders control
  • Contractual control
  • Contractual dispute advice
  • Final account recommendation
  • Legal support services
    • Understanding your business in terms of contractual, technical and operational issues
    • Providing solutions that are auditable, robust and able to withstand scrutiny. 
    • Applying a collective knowledge and experience gained from all sectors of the industry
    • Carefully considering and applying appropriate commercial and contractual measures such as claim strategy, risk management and dispute avoidance. 

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